K.C. Masonry - Acid Stain & Etch

Whether you seek a contemporary, rustic, or more traditional style, acid-etched stained concrete makes a stunning flooring choice.

Acid stain can be applied using many different techniques, giving a variety of dramatic results. Borders, designs, and color blending are all effects can be achieved.

Acid stain doesn't cover imperfections in a slab; instead, it transforms that drab piece of imperfect concrete into a unique and elegant masterpiece of marbled color.

Acid-etched stained concrete is extremely durable, easy to clean, and exceptionally scratch and stain resistant in almost any situation.


Let K.C. Masonry transform your ordinary gray slab into an extraordinary floor that is affordable, easy to maintain, and distinct. Contact us for a free estimate 248.561.2030 or or fill in our contact form



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